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Permalink Surprise LAN Bday party for Matt!!
Permalink Newest photoshoot!!! “Dark Elf Empress” photographer @concretegrey_photo Dress: @jennernugen MUA: Diana Knudsen. I’ll post more with the amazing dress soon!!!
Permalink Oh yes…. There are more photos of this… Many times I samba’s! #2004 #tbt
Permalink #TBT ten years ago in SF. Only  @miriamnakamoto & jasonwood witnessed this. Lol #Samba!!!! #2004
Permalink Faceplaying! #cartoonReference #ThethingsiCanDoWothMyFaceWithoutBotox! #mua #DianaKnudsen
Permalink Had a great Dark Elf Empress photoshoot with @concretegrey_photo. MUA: #DianaKnudsen can’t wait to show you her mad makeup artist skills!!!
Permalink Oh man…. She’s so incredibly high!!!!!  Poor little baby. She just crawled up to my chest and is staring at me. I have to remind her to blink.
Permalink Dialing lights. Just figured out an even better way to do the panels!! Sofast! #NewPraetorians #graphicnovel
Permalink Not runners feet. I think they are too long and high arched. Or maybe I need to figure a way to not have my toe joints hurt from running and stretching. But they ARE MONKEY feet that I can do things with like move items and draw with. So… Ya. Here are my size 10.5 feet.