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Permalink How I feel about this Saturday night!
Permalink Squeak! Gavin is sooo annnngry!!! :D #newPraetorians #graphicnovel #issue3 #inks
Permalink Originally I planned on living vicariously through my friends (re:ComicCon and my not attending). Apparently I don’t do that well. I am a do-er. I need to be in the action. So I’m stepping back from the Internet and looking outside.
Permalink You at #Comiccon !?! Check out booth 4300!!! #CupcakeQuarterly magazine where I swim in a pool of D20s and express my love for Dungeons and dragons #dnd #Sdcc #sdcc2014 #D20 photo by @gregdestefano
Permalink Throwback Thursday on Friday. Thanks to my little brother for posting this oldie. Oh 1986/87
Permalink Donna is my choice for new Companion!!!! #drwho @clockwork_ctr #tardis faire Aug 9!!!!!
Permalink Portion of the poster I inked for “Alt Control Delete” Comic Book by one of my buddies #ramonGovea check out the kickstarter!
Permalink The most precious! #arpeegee
Permalink She just reaches up and holds me. The sweetest thing! #arpeegee
Permalink #wip 18x24 for @clockwork_ctr #drwho