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Permalink Sneak peak of something coming out soon! And me flipping off the camera because @gaugex convinced me to ink on the computer instead of with real ink.
Permalink First layer of 5 pages of inks in two days. Man, I wish the prep didn’t take so long. I’d pump these out way fast!  #NewPraetorians #graphicnovel
Permalink Last night at the Mint listening to @jasoncharlesmiller do his thang! Dance dance miaovolution.
Permalink Listening to #JeffSpencer speak at the #bulletproofconference this weekend. I may have drawn quite a few speakers.
Permalink Yesterday was the last day of the conference. So much information! Here’s a Tid bit for Ya from JJ Virgin.
Permalink Waiting for #thieveryCorporation to go on at the Greek Theater. Perfect ending to a beautifully supercharged day.
Permalink Day Two #bulletproofconference starting off with #BillHarris
Permalink Had a blast today at the #bulletproofconference with @allanamato and can’t wait to experience the next two days!!! Also here’s their new logo and now my favorite new product.
Permalink Human BioLogy ScIENCE!!!! Aka BioHACKING Conference! Oh man… Really fantastic science! #wayofthefuture #bulletproofconference @allanamato
Permalink "Stargazing" There are 40 images from this shoot… I don’t even know what to do with them. There are so many awesome images I don’t know which ones to share!!! @concretegrey_photo is that good! #cosplay #romance #nightdreaming